Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Begining of Nepal

I guess I should start this out by just saying I hate being on planes. It doesn't help that one of my favorite places in the world is in the other hemisphere. The plane ride over here to Nepal was uneventful. A flight down to San Fransisco from Seattle and then SF to Hong Kong. Finishing in Kathmandu, Nepal.
I arrived at night, and nothing was really going on when I landed. Vinod who is 21 years old picked me up at the airport. He is in charge of the boys hostel and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He brought me too the volunteer hostel, which I have never been to. Last year when I was here the volunteers shared a hostel with the boys, but that change this past year.
So there were already 4 volunteers there when I arrived. One of them I volunteered with last year so I was happy that I knew someone already. They are all really cool and down to earth people.
The next day I went to the childrens hostel to see all the kids that I meet last year. They all remembered me and made fun of me because of my beard......And because I had gained a few extra pounds bhahah. Anyway there were 27 new girls there at the orphange. They all used to be former Child Slaves. The old volunteer/boys house is where they live now, and the boys had a new hostel built for them this past year. There are 4 hostels in all for the children. Three girls and 1 boys hostel. The new girls at first were pretty shy, but on this second day have warmed up to me and are very sweet and kind.
Nepal is amazing I feel like i've been here for longer than two days. It feels like im not even away from my home. I wish there was more to say, but nothing has happened really. Just some light rain showers, quality bonding time with the children that make me smile and being with some great volunteers from around the world.

peace (more later)


  1. Right on Ish. Sounds like you are where you belong, but we miss you here.

  2. Go Ish! Keep up the good work.

    PS You're team is looking weak...

  3. Hello SAM!
    Its gonna be soo much fun to follow your blogg!
    Who was the volunteer that was already there, and you meet for a 2:nd time?
    Say HI to everybodey from Me and Mersia:-)
    Hugs from England