Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of the Monsoon

The power is out and its 8pm. Ive just brought a chair up to the roof at the volunteer hostel. As I sit there gazing across the northern part of the Kathmandu Valley I gain a sense of peacefulness. The warm breeze keeps the mosquitoes away from me, and lets me keep wearing my basketball shorts. Across the valley lights flicker low and high into the hills that surround me. Stars fill the air as I look up into the sky.
The first five days since I've been here it has rained. The last two however have been humid and sunny. For the first time I feel that the monsoon season is ending for good.
As the peacefulness engulfs me I am quickly disturbed by the dark valley lighting up again. The power has returned.


  1. I thought you were going to say "As the peacefulness engulfs me I am quickly disturbed... by the girls coming to harass me" :)

  2. Damn SAM, when me and Mersia read this we just want to take the next plane to Nepal. But where are the barking dogs? ha ha ha