Monday, December 14, 2009

Dhapasi Days

Since my last entry I have not left Dhapasi once. I've spent all my time hanging out with Vinod, Anita, and the children. For those of you who don't know, Dhapasi is in the northern part of the valley in Kathmandu.

Nepal Orphan Homes is the name of the organization I am volunteering at. In Dhapasi it has now four hostels. Three girls hostels and one boys hostel. Vinod (21) is in charge of the boys hostel and his sister Anita is in charge of one of the girl's hostel.

My days have usually started whenever I hear one of the other volunteers getting up, children yelling outside, adults singing outside, or people building things next door. I usually stay in my warm sleeping bag as long as I can. I think about what i'm going to do that day.......even though I know, but I think the real reason is because I just like having a little time to myself. You know just to think about things and put thing in perspective. So anyway I get up at like 8:30 and have a quick bite to eat then run down to Vinod and Anita's hostel to take the kids to school. When I get there the kids are usually already lined up and waiting for the kids from Michale's (founder) hostel to come. As I walk in the youngest children are the first to come up to me and greet me. "Hello Sam Brother! Good Morning! How are you?" For six days out of the week i'm lucky enough to have this happen to me. The same thing also happens when we pick them up from school.

While the kids are at school I either go out with Vinod and help him with some work that he has to do for Michael or I stay and teach the new girls, which are not ready to go to school with the other kids yet. These girls who are from the Dang district in western Nepal are ages 5-15 I believe.

During the week of Thanksgiving Vinod and Anita had to go to their village for a few days. Michael asked me if I would stay at the boys hostel and watch them. I said "yes" of course. It was a really good experience and if Vinod needed a day off ever I would do it in a heart beat. (I dont think this would ever happen because Vinod loves his job too much!!) The children wake up around 5am everyday. They do morning exercises,basketball,study,drink tea, eat breakfest, and then get ready for school. At night after dinner I would go around to the boy's rooms and give them meds that they needed. Cough medicine was the main thing givin to them.

I'm really thankful that Michael trusts me enough to watch the boys while Vinod is gone. I really enjoy being with the kids and hanging out with them. Last year when I was here it was kinda hard leaving, but this year I know its really really not going to be easy.

It's getting pretty cold here and Christmas is really close now. The kids are getting excited and I know they are going to love whatever Michael and is staff have in store for them. After Christmas I think im going to head south down to Narti. Its going to be much warmer there and I think I should leave the city at least one more time before I head back home. In Narti I'll prob be teaching there and hopefully learning more about child slavery and how to help stop it and prevent it from happening.

Well thats all for now. Have a great Christmas!!!
Ill post some pics on here sometime when I get the chance

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