Monday, January 18, 2010


In the Mid West Region of Nepal lies the very small village of Narti. There is nothing really here. It is very flat and in the summer so hot that you don't even want to go outside. People stare if your not the same color as them and their main transportation is the bicycle. Nepali isn't even the main language. The language is called Tharu, which is also the main caste for that part of Nepal.

It is also here that the orphanage that I've been volunteering for has a hostel. This is no ordinary hostel. It is home to 28 ex-Kamlari (Indentured Servants)girls. Kamlaris are girls or boys that have been sold by their parents because they don't have enough money to take care of them. It is said an entire family in Nepal makes around 210 dollars a year. A parent can sell their child (usually a daughter) for around 40-70 dollars.

Her name is Chaubi. She is quiet but very sweet. Both her parents have died and I guess she just has just Aunts or Uncles now? Anyway she was in class 3 but got moved down to 2. I asked her why and she said because her English teacher never shows up so she failed and they moved her down one whole grade for it. Not even her fault, but she suffers. Sometimes when I was at the hostel painting we would see girls coming back home early. We would ask why and they said cause their teacher never showed up. This would happen everyday. I would look over at the school sometimes and see kids just running around doing whatever and then look up at the roof and see teacher just sitting in the sun.

It was very frustrating at times there, but I think we have found a solution to all the problems we have been facing. The school these girls go to is horrible. They have no guidance. They have no structure at school. This is not fair.