Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 More Months

So if you already didn't know I've decided to stay in Nepal for another 4 months. About a week before my original departure I finally decided after a lot of thought. I've already been in Nepal for 5 months and really wanted to go home and see my family and friends. On the other hand I was offered a part time job you could say working for Nepal Orphans Home. At first when I talked to the founder of N.O.H about what I'd be doing it sounded like I would be managing a hostel in Western Nepal. I was super excited about it. That's what I wanted to do! I would be in charge of a hostel that would have 20 something girls living there. The girls would all be rescued from slavery. I was a bit nervous but also ready for the challenge of my new job. However that plan has not come through yet. There are still some problems going on out west that need to be taken care of before I can head out there.

So as I waited in Kathmandu I wondered "what will I do now?". That question was soon answered for me. All the kids that stay at Papa's House (a.k.a Nepal Orphan Homes) go to Skylark English School. The school is probably the best school I've seen in Nepal. It is well run and the teachers seem to actually care. The kids have to speak English all the time when there.

Anyway Michael Hess the founder of N.O.H suggested to me that I volunteer at the school and teach English. At first I was not that excited at the idea. However at the school already there was another volunteer from the U.S teaching the same classes. He had also been referred to by Michael. That volunteer was leaving soon, so I could take his place. Also that same volunteer who was named Palden was coaching the boys bball team. So that got me really interested in volunteering at the school. The last week Palden was there I would go with him to his classes that I would be taking over. Class 5 and 6 were the ones I would be teaching. The subject Creative English. I was a little nervous about the teaching, but after a few sit ins with Palden I knew it would be OK.

The boys basketball team was my safety zone. I know basketball..I've been playing since I was 8. Physically I might not be that good, but mentally I can teach fundamentals and the game. These boys need to work on their fundamentals badly. They show flashes of greatness, but have never been really coached until Palden and I showed up. I know if we just keep on working at everything I will see great improvements. Next month I think we will be in some tournaments around Kathmandu so the team is really excited about that. I'll let you know how they go.

Other than teaching at Skylark I've been helping out around the orphanage doing what is asked. Taking kids to the dentist, reading at night, and helping with homework is what I'm usually doing. I'm enjoying every moment I have with these kids. I miss my home in America very much, but when I'm helping these kids or just playing games with them it makes so much easier to not think about.