Thursday, January 27, 2011

January The Begining

Third times a charm right?......... Did the last 7 months really just happen?........Was I really just in England?.... Time is a funny thing and I can't really put a finger on it. When I'm at home in Washington State I think about Nepal and the time spent there. It feels like it happened years ago. But now that I'm back here in Nepal the time spent at home this past summer/winter seems so long ago.

I got to say this time I was not as excited as the last two. Why? I have no idea. Now I'm not saying I didn't want to come or that I wasn't excited, but it's just like a second home to me now. I am aware of everything that goes on here and what can happen if your not smart. I have been through really good and bad situations here in the 11 and a half months I've come the past two years.
So my plane touched down in Kathmandu in the early evening and I was greeted by an old friend from last year. My buddy Jake who is from Australia was also returning and was kind enough to come get me. He got me updated on everything happening and it was just like I had never left. We soon got to the volunteer house and I was greeted by another old friend Vinod. He used to be in charge of the boys at the Orphanage, but had decided to move to the volunteer house to help out. I had a small meal and then tried to sleep but was awake the whole night. Vinod and Jake for some reason were getting up at 5am and running, but instead today we got up at 5 and just walked around the neighborhood. Later that day we went to see all the kids at their houses. They came out smiling and it was great to see them. They all looked so much older. The boys had deeper voices and the younger girls were talking more with a bigger vocabulary.

The first week was pretty much spent getting the time difference down and meeting with old friends again. A few trips in the micro (local transport) to Thamel through the dusty horn beating streets I was finally ready for Nepal.....Again!

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