Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Volunteering and Visiting, but Working and Living

I knew my trip this year would be different than the past two. This year I would be not volunteering, but working for Nepal Orphans Home. Instead of staying the 5 month maximum I will be trying to find loop holes to stay and work in this country as long as possible.
Everything has been going great so far. I cant complain. Some of my random jobs so far have been taking the basketball hoop down to be fixed then put back up. Then painting it by climbing a sketchy bamboo ladder. Repainting the playground and taking random things like computers or computer screens to be fixed could happen any day of the week. I've also helped out a bit in the volunteer department. When no one else can go to the airport I go and pick up incoming volunteers. This task sounds super easy, but don't be fooled the Kathmandu Airport can be tricky. People pushing, yelling,arrival screens not working, flights being late, and cab drivers constantly asking you if you need a ride can drive you mad and also distract you from your goal on picking the person up.
At the volunteer house where I'm staying volunteers come and go. Most are here for the first time. It's always fun to meet new people and see their reaction of the city or when they arrive. Hearing their stories when they come back from their first placement or trekking always makes me a little jealous, but also makes me happy because I remember my first time here and how excited I was about what I just experienced.
The days and nights here have warmed up a lot since I first got here in January. I feel like I never left this place. I should know hopefully in the next month or so how long I'm actually staying here. Could be up to a year!
That is all for now...Here are some pics of the kids and other stuff!


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  1. Love to hear about your daily life there, can just imagine the airport scene!
    Keep the postings coming we're all so interested in your experiences. Glad you're there working where you're happy :)
    Take care of yourself