Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food and Pashupati

Eating food in Nepal is one of the things I only worry about while being here. I think my stomah has had more problems just here in Npela with food then the rest of my life combined. I've seen friends go out and drink the same exact thing and one of the them eding up in hte hospital vomiting all over the place. A lot of it is just bad luck I think. On this trip so many volunteers have gotten sick from food. For me it feels like I get sick every other week.

Other than being sick I have managed to get out around the city. I took a group of 9 people out sight seeing to Pashupati. This place is Nepal's most important Hindu site. A temple is here, which was built in the 17th century. The temple is made for Lord Shiva. Also here at Pashupati there is a river named the Bagmati River. The river is always dirty with garbage clogging it. However it is very scared. Along this river are the ghats where they cremate people. They cremate people in the open with everyone watching. When we were there I think it was one of the saddest moments ever for me. There was a family getting ready to cremate a lost loved one. In the family a lady was crying hysterically. She was being held up by other family members. Tourists and Nepalis just stood and watched. Some disrespectful tourists were taking pictures was is just wrong. It was just a very powerful sobering moment for me that I will never forget.

The kids right now at Papa's House have a two week summer break. It's good to see these kids get some time off.

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