Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone?!?

Where oh where to begin......It's been awhile since the last blog huh??? Laziness. Maybe.... No..... Most defiantly..... with a mixture of nothing exciting happening would be the main reasons I have not updated my blog.

Sorry to my 15 followers!!!! ;)

No big changes have happened. I've been taking the girls to the orthodontist still, which by the way one of them might even get their braces off in October! Picking volunteers up from the airport is always a good time to people watch and to play "Snake Xenzia" when waiting. Sightseeing is helping me learn the city better and its history. I have also gotton the chance to take a few volunteers to a placement in Banepa, which is 26km east of Kathmandu. It's a really nice ride out there and only takes 1hr to get there. Any chance I get to get out of the city I'll take it in a second.
Some really good volunteers have gone and as always new ones have arrived. But whenever I come back it's hard to think that any group can be better than the previous group from last year.

When not working in the Volunteer Department I've been helping out Michael Hess who is the founder of this organization. Not big things but just helping here and there with painting gates, fixing things, taking things to be fixed, and just informing him about what volunteers are planning on doing. There is a group of women that Michael helps out and one of those women has 3 year old daughter who's pinky, ring, and middle fingers are joined together. So I've taking here to a childrens hospital in Banepa, which is also our placement there to have surgery. She should and hopefully be getting the surgery early next year. The picture below is the girl going in for surgery for her fingers. After that one is a pic of some of the kids playing on a rickshaw. The last photo is of the girls brother greeting me with "Namaste"

Life is good I guess. Your social life hits a huge decline because of getting only one day off work and always having to be present for volunteers, but at the same time I guess having volunteers rotating in and out helps out in a way cause you meet amazing people from all around the world. I have not really gotten sick too much since the last update (knock on wood). I had one scary accident where I fell off a wall and landed on pavement straight on my shoulder. I thought right there and then I broke my shoulder, but I think I just bruised it really bad. However that was almost 2 months ago and I still have pain when I move certain ways. I have also chipped my front back tooth. Nothing to serious, but still annoying.
If you have not heard yet I have gotten my visa extended to June 2012, which means I will have been here since January 2011 making it 18 months all together! That's a pretty long time and I hope to see more of Nepal in that time period. I have been here 8 months and it feels like no time has past. Sometimes I have a bad week or day and its really hard to stay motivated. You want to pack it all in, but then you realize that this a great opportunity. It feels like I have so much time ahead and that can be very overwhelming, but really the time to leave will creep up and be over. I'll sit on the plane home and say "where has the time gone?".

Cricket my new favorite sport....NOT

The Monsoon season is ending and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My favorite time of the year is coming up which is September-January. Lots of Holidays/Festivals and it gets colder. I'll update again hopefully sooner than later.
Here are some pics I've taken of the past few months.


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