Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nepal 3rd World

September 4th 2008.
I wake up just as the captain announces that we will be landing in 20 minutes. Still half asleep my excitement is hidden down underneath my jet lag.
As the plane lands and taxis for a bit we finally stop. The seat belt sign turns off and the line finally starts moving. Just right before I exit the door. A strange feeling overcomes me. Something I have never felt before in my 23 year old life. I take a couple steps forward say "thank you" to the lady who a few hours ago was serving me peanuts and take a step outside. The warm breeze of the Kathmandu Valley hit my face. And for the first time in 23 years I'm back.

In the last 4 years I have spent 20 and a half months in Nepal and still have 9 more to go......

This is Nepal. This is a 3rd world country. The power won't always be on, the internet won't always work, you might not get a hot shower or running water at all depending where you are, and you might even come across some bugs. I think people forget that when coming here. It's a 3rd world country what do you want?

Most the kids and people here live in rough conditions. The average wage per day here is less than a dollar. The average income per year here is around 200 U.S dollars. A lot of the kids here in this organization worked over 18hrs a day just to get beaten and told they were no good(most before the age of 12). Some were given just the bad rice or left overs to eat. When people come here and complain about the food or the living conditions it just angers me. People are here for only a short time out of their lives, but still some can't manage.